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Arshi FF ~FORBIDDEN DESIRE~ (UL II) Last Chapter

Chap 12


He exactly knew why suddenly everything is looking so empty, despite of 1000 people gathering the whole house looked as if it will gulp in and he will fall inside the darkest pit.
How can he not know that Khushi was the reason for this feelings. She had been his sunshine in those dark days of his life. No matter how much he wanted Khushi to leave him but he was toughly aware of the fact that it was only her for whom he heart was still beating.
"Arnav! Khushi abhi tak neechey nahi ai hai, Samrat and his family kisi bhi waqt aa sakta hai", dadi told Arnav who was sitting on the mandip getting ready for his marriage.
Sheetal was brought beside Arnav and dadi made her sit. She glanced at aranv and then nervously clutched her knees looking straight towards the holy fire.
"agar meri shaadi ki si aur se hui to meye apni jaan de dungi" her words suddenly came across his mind when dadi told Arnav that she was not yet in the mandip.
He looked at the staircase and kept starring for few more minutes.
"Arnav! I am not getting though samrat's line" dadi told Arnav panic evident in her voice.
But arnav's mind was only focus on the stairway, he could feel his sweat tingling down his spine.
"What if'no no' she will not do something studip'" arnav's started to become restless. His legs are giving away, his mind taking control over his ego, "she is fine' she will come down' she has never ever disobeyed my word" he tried to think positively.
Few more minutes and Arnav was done with his patience.
He snapped up from the stool and looked at sheetal. Sheetal looked at him.
She could see everything in them. Something which was unusual to be seen in him.
"arrey, aap aise nahi uth sakte hai, abshagun ho jayga".
His one angry glare was enough for the pandit to know that he needs to mind his own business.
He walked across the hall, then took the first step on the stair. His next step on in the fourth stair and in no time he reached the floor.
Like a storm he went towards her room and knocked.
The entire hall was shocked, numb, speechless.
"Open the damn door Khushi", he kept on knocking impatiently.
"Khushi!" she screamed.
"Khushi open the door", his legs were giving up. He knew if she doensot open the door for few more minutes he will faint.
He was trying to think straight but her one sentence made it worse for him.
"This is not funny damn it, open the damn door. Its an order", he screamed again this time hitting the door with his legs.
he banged his fist and rested his head on the door.
"Open It Khushi!" his tears betrayed him this time. He fanned his fingers on the door and slid it across, this lips terribly quivered. His heart gave up. "tell me you are fine Khushi! Open the door please" he let his tears trace his face, for the first time he did not hold back. For the first time he felt helpless, for the first time he was out of control.
"Please tell me you are breathing Khushi. Open the door Khushi. Let me see you please. Let your Arnav in Khushi, please open the door".
He kept on pleading'
But there was no movement in the door. And her voices never reach to his ear.
"Open it Khushi!" he whispered against the door slamming it with his palm.
"Please let me in" she pleaded in a low tone.
"Please Khushi" he closed his eyes making the rest of his tear spilled.
After a minute or so when he was out from his trance he realized that she still did not open the door. He wiped his tears and started banging the door again.
He realized that if she wanted to open the door she could have opened it much before. Either she doesnot want to open the door or she is not in a state to open the door.
The second thought hit him hard. To hard to even imagine. "She cannot to this, he will not do something stupid" Arnav tired to tell himself once again. "she is strong and she will never ever think of dying".
"but what if she already'NO".
Arnav stepped back and made his way towards the balcony entrace which was connected with his room.
He quickly walked towards his room and then ran towards his balcony. He opened the French window and ran towards her room.
Reaching there he found the French window open and there was no light inside the room.
For the first time he was afraid to enter into darkness.
His heart almost thrashing across his chest.
His pulse becoming fainted
His skin creeping up
His eyes trying to search the slightest movement.
His ears darted to hear a single tingle of her jewellary.
But none came.
He gulped heard, "did she jump from the balcony?"
He nervously turned towards the railing. Each step he took felt heavy.
His tears were replaced by precipitation.
He leaned towards the ground to check.
He was relieved to find the ground empty.
Brushing his hair with his shaky hands he turned towards the room.
"What if she cut her hand? NO she is too scared of neddles he can do that." his mind screamed.
His temples were pulsing badly due to pain.
"What if she took over dose of sleeping piles? No Khushi you cant do this to me. Tell me uou are alive. Yes I am sure you are alive otherwise how I am surviving?"
He steadied himself and walked thought the opening inside her room.
Walking past the bed he reached the switches.
"Khushi!" he almost died
"Khushi!" he almost died
Arnav ran towards her and touched her head.
"DON'T TOUCH ME" she screamed. And that's when Arnav found misseable condition.
"Don't you dare touch me mr Arnav singh Raizada", she said in her chocked voice. Her eyes swollen eyes spitting anger and anger only.
Arnav without any further delay hugged her tightly. She did not know that how much Arnav freaked out thinking all negative things.
Khushi protested hard but nothing was accepted by Arnav. He just embrased her and cried his heart out holding her tightly in his arms.
"YOU STUPID GIRL'" Arnav detached himself from her and cupped her face.
But he was not given a chance to talk after that.
"Yes I am stupid. STUPID FOOL Arnav Singh Raizada" Khushi brushed his hands off and pushed Arnav with her whole strength.
Arnav fell on his back and Khushi stood up.
"I was a fool for loving this man" he pointed her finger towards Arnav, and her tears had no bound.
"I was a silly, dumb, idiot girl to love you hopelessly. I am so stupid. I feel like an idiot today".
Arnav did not dare to cut her off today.
She grabbed his shoulder and pulled him up so that she stood face to face with him.
"do you have any idea? Any idea about how much hurt I am today?" she opened her mouth and then closed it looking other side.
"how can you have?" she said in a mocking tone.
Arnav looked the other way not able to see her in this state.
Suddenly his heart skipped a beat when he heard his name, Arnu, from her mouth. He know it very well she was angry but still hearing the name he was sure that she still loves him a lot.
"Yes I still love you, and I can never ever hate you in my life. Na iss jaman mein na agle 7 janmo tak" she spatted out.
"you have insulted me a lot and shayad tumhara haq bhi banta tha, and I have nothing against that. but today'" she chocked.
Unbearable tears were flowing down his cheeks. And he was doing no effort to stop them today. his Khushi is alive and in good condition, what could he ask for more?
"but today I will not let you humiliate my love anymore Arnav. My love is my love and today I refuse to overrule my love by you. you have all the haq on Khushi kumari gupta, but you have any haq to rule my feelings. I have given you enough respect and love but today I refuse to listen to you. today I refuse to do what you are asking me to do. Today I refuse to marry with the person you want. I refuse to love the person whom you want and I refuse to share my body'.my's'.soul'.my'love with someone else".
"my soul is mine Arnav! And I cannot let anyone to touch my soul other than'.y'.you" she busted out in tears.
"No matter how much you hate me, but I cannot share my body with someone whom I can never love".
"I cannot share my body which is already touched by you".
"I cannot let anybody to house inside my heart".
"iss jaman mein to kya agle 7 jamno tak I refuse to give permission to interven between me and my love".
Khushi fisted his collar and jerked, "kyun Arnav! Kyun kar rahe ho? Itni nafrat?" she chocked.
"maanti hoon ki, I am the soul responsible for your parents death and I should get punishment. But don't you think I have already had that punishment in terms of your hatered?"
"Isse bari saza aur kya ho sakti hai Arnav kit um jisse pyaar karo, who tumse sabse zada nafrat kare? Bolo Arnav'" Khushi jerked him more.
"Don't do this to me. Itni bari saza mat do Arnav. Don't make me die each and every minute making me stay with some other man".
"I cant give my body to anybody else Arnav! Do you get it damn it?" she screamed.
"it will amputee those body parts I swear if anyone else touches me. The thought of someone inside me other than you is just disgusting and I cannot do it".
"jitey ji laash ban jaungi" ( I will be nothing but a dead woman )
"itni badi saza mujhe mat do' itni bari chot mujhe mat pohchayo'".
Khushi cupped his face and searched in his eyes.
"Arnav! I promise you, I will never ever show my face to you"
"bohot dur chali jaungi'bohot dor'itna door taki meri shadow tak na dikhe".
"please mujhe aaj saadi ke liye majboor mat karo".
Khushi let released her collar and moved back.
She closed her face with is palm,
"kash tumhara baat saach hota"
"atleast I wouldn't have been hated by the person whom I love the most and means world to me",
"kash usdin mamma papa ki jagha meye hoti"
Arnav gritted his teeth and grabbed her hand. In one swift movement he pulled her towards him in his chest and barked "SHUT UP! Will you?"
"Shut up khushi, just shut up"' he clutched her more in his embrace as life he was holding his life.
"shut''..up" he chocked his last words.
"Shut up khushi, just shut up"' he clutched her more in his embrace as life he was holding his life.
"shut''..up" he chocked his last word.

"why arnav why are you asking me to shut up? You were the person who said that you wish it was'"

Arnav pushed her back and then captured her lips in no time.

Khushi gasped immediately when his lips touched hers and few more tears escaped her eyes as she closed them sensing their proximity.

"meri jaan logi kya?" he mumbled while kissing.

"do you know what you mean to me khushi? what your life means to me? What your presence means to me?" he said huskily against her soft lips".

Khushi gripped his sharwami tightly so that her knees doesnot buckle up. What matter at that moment was she is being kissed by arnav and she could sense only pain, hollowness and his urge to make her understand what he was going through.

The thought of khushi dead in front of his eyes was the last thing on this earth that he wanted.

"khushi! just promise me that you will not do any stupid thing in my absence ever. Just promise me damn it"

Arnav deepened the kiss, taken her lower lips in between his lips and placed feathery kisses on her lips but made sure he does not detach his lips for once.

"promise me khushi", he muttered under her lips.

"promise me!"

"i'.i promise you'", she hopelessly gave in to him as usual.

She could feel his smile against her lips and she pouted for letting him win once again.

She gradually held his cheek and stroked, and that's when she realized that he was crying madly.

She immediately panicked and pulled away from the kiss and looked at this state.

His eyes were swollen.

More than her heartbeat she could hear his heart beat racing insamely.

His lips quivering just like her trying to gulp down the pain that he was going through.

"don't cry" she said in a low voice, wiping his tears with her thumb, holding his face in her tiny palm cups.

Arnav looked at her lovingly and kissed her forehead.

"khushi! I have never said this to anybody in my life, because I have always reserved this unconsciously for you.

"I love you my princess. And I love you a lot".

Khushi could see his tears rolling down his cheeks.

She was sad to see him in so much pain in his eyes rather than being happy with what he has just said. She did not know why she always expected him to love her. And she could always see him loving her even in those painful words those he had used. It wasnot new for Khushi to hear I love you, because she always knew that.

But today when he confessed that, she was more in pain because it was the second time that she has seen him crying. And whenever he cried, khushi just couldnot breath. She felt suffocated. She felt like hugging him tight in her embrace and take away all his pain.

And it was no different. She literally jumped on him and scoped him in embrace. Just like a mother soothes her own son, khushi tried to calm her baby down.

Arnav was no less than baby for khushi. infact khushi always treated him like one, scolding him when it was needed, take care of him staying awake whole night, dressing his wounds, making his breakfast, and most importantly forgiving him for all those rude words, those rude behavior instantly and moving on showering her unconditional love to him.

"Khushi! I have lost my parents and cursed you for this till now'" khushi tired to pull back from the his embrace but arnav did not let her do. He gripped her more and continued.

"No don't khushi! let me do the talking this time. Don't cut me off please. Bohot himmat karke khud ko convince kiya hai'aaj behne do issey".

"yes I have lost my parents and chahe job hi reason ho no body could have avoided it. It was destined to happen so it happened. Par khushi, you know what, I don't miss me".

Khushi was shocked hearing that statement from him, "he don't miss his parents?" she thought.


"shh!" arnav crashed her more into his embrace gesturing her not to intrude.

"you know why? Because this girl who is in my arms right now did not let me miss them".

A smile of acknowledgement lit her face and she rested her cheeks on his shoulder, closing her eyes.

"my'baby'did not let me miss my mom for one second, she showed me with so much love, affection and dedication. I never felt that I don't have a mother who will take care of me. Khushi you did more than my mother could ever do".

"I was a fool for not understanding what my parents wanted. Most importantly what my mother wanted. How could I be able to thank them for getting me my khushi. Who says parents cant choose the right girl for their child? I don't think I would have ever got a better wife in my life.

This time khushi could not hold back anymore she forced herself and pulled back.

"wife?" she questioned him and searched in his eyes.

Arnav cupped her face back and caressed her cheek with his thumb.

"Yes wife. You are my wife and no one else can take that position in my life, because you are the most important part of mine. And without my princess you arn'arnu is incomplete".

Khushi captured his lips and chuckled back.

"My dad gave you hand in my hand and asked me to take care of you. I was such a fool khushi to not understand his statement. But when I made you wear my mom's ring, then the way your lipstick mark got transferred from my lip in between you hair partition, then haldi'what else one needs to knock his brain with?"

"I was committing a biggest mistake of my life khushi. how could l let someone else take you away from me? When we are destined to be together?"

Khushi touched her forehead with his and closed her eyes.

"khushi! look at me", she did what he said'

"will you be mine forever?"

"Arnu! You have already made me yours".

Arnav smiled at her and held her ears. "I am sorry for that night".

Khushi closed the gap and hugged her. "don't be arnu. I am sure I have cherished each and every moment that night. I wish I could remember everything that had happened between us".

"would you give that opportunity once again khushi? would you allow me to love you? Would you allow me to touch you? Would you love your arnu, the way you used to khushi?"

"don't even doubt about my love for you arnu, I love you more than myself and I have seen you as my life partner since my childhood".

"Marry me! Will you?" he asked kiss her.

"yes" he instantly replied.

"Sheetal?" khushi asked nervously getting back to reality.

Was it too late for both of them now? How being a girl she will see some other person suffer due to their stupidity. She cannot let another girl's life just because she wanted to be with arnav. In this society no one will accept sheetal if arnav calls of the marriage.

Arnav cupped her face and asked, "just tell me that you are with me rest I will handle".

"I am with you arnav but I cannot destroy her life". Khushi sobbed.

"I have made the mess and now I will make things fine", arnav assured her.

"but how arnav? Abhi kuch nahi ho sakta hai".

"don't say that khushi. I would prefer to lead a bachelor life rather then ruinging her life".

"let me first talk to samrat".

"samrat has called of the marriage Arnav!" a voice came from behind.

Arnav and khushi turned towards the source of the voice and was stunned to see Dadi, Sheetal and Samrat standing in front of them.
Khushi ran towards dadi and hugged her. "I am sorry dadi, I am so sorry". She guiltily sobbed.

Dadi quickly took khushi in her embrace and threw angry look towards arnav. How dare he mess up with four lives? How can he be so irresponsible.

Khushi pulled back and went towards samrat.

"Sammy…i.." she stammered unable to meet his gaze.

"you love him don't you?" samrat said in his cool voice.

Khushi snapped up and looked at him.

Samrat cupped her face and said, "yeh to sab jante hai khushi!".

Khushi nodded her head and looked down.

"Sammy, I cant get married to you".

"and you shouldnot. And I am really proud of you that you are not like arnav who was destroying four lives and that you have guts to stand by what you want".

"I know it is too late Sammy".

"yes it is I guess. After knowing that you both are married by destiny, then who am I or arnav to stop this? We are very small when it comes to god khushi. and god has chosen you both to be together".

Kushi hugged samrat listening to this. No matter how much she wanted to be with arnav, but she wouldnot have been able to accept it unless she know samrat's version.

Arnav saw sheetal coming towards him…

"Look She…"

"I never know that the biggest tycoon is actually a greatest duffer in this whole world".

"tumhe kya laga? Sheetal would want to marry such a fool? How could she? When she new how much you love khushi?"

Arnav was shocked hearing this from shetal.

"Ya ya I know this from long time. Only you don't know about your feeling, rest of the world does".

"sheetal, arnav deserves a slap from you" dadi said

"I do" arnav repeated.

"not anymore arnav! Because you are khushi's and I cannot insult her by slapping his husband".

"agar tumhara akal thik time pe nahi aata to pata nahi aaj kya hota. When you reached mandap I was holding my breath. I was hoping that dadi finally stop you from marring me because I never intended to marry you".


"yes it was dadi with whom I played so that you speak your heart out and understand whom you wanted. To make you realize khushi's position in your life".

"but I am glad that you yourself have realized this on your own because if we made you understand then you would have never ever forgiven yourself for the entire life".

Arnav kissed sheetal's forehead and muttered sorry.

"you are forgiven arnav! Just go and grab your bride".

Arnav apologetically looked at samrat.

"what man? If you don't come now I swear I will take khushi along with me", with that he spun khushi around and arnav grabbed her securedly.


Before dadi, sheetal and Samrat came to khushi's room she had already called off the marriage after samrat's arrival. She was glad to know that samrat himself called off the marriage. She had apologized for her two crazy kids before him and samrat being a gentleman stopped her from doing that.

All the guest had left after that and three of them came to khushi's room. They have almost heard the entire conversation between arnav and khushi and muttered some "idiots and stupids" under their breadth for arnav.


Arnav was in the mandap waiting for the arrival of his bride when he saw his beautiful khushi walking down the staircare Sheetal holding her and giggling with her, probably cracking some jokes.

Khushi meet her gaze with arnav slowly and gave him the most beautiful smile.

They exchanged garland

Arnav fastened mangalsutra around her neck

Then taking a pinch of sindoor he made her as his.

After taking the 7 rounds around the holi fire arnav kissed her in front of everyone on his lips.

He went on his knees and took out his mother's ring.

"will you be your arnu's princess?"

Khushi too went on her knees and kissed his cheeks, "never go on your knees to ask anything from me. You are in my heart and you will remain in my heart jab tak hai jaan".

Arnav slowly slid the ring and kissed her knuckles.

He was about to kiss her once again, when he heard dadi "go to your room and complete all pending kisses, besharam bacchey".

Dadi held arnav's ear and pulled it.

"aah! Dadi it hurts".

"it hurts ke bacchey. I am warning you, don't act like a jangli with khushi, the way you behaved yesterday night. You did not even bother to give her pain killer".

Khushi blushed furiously hearing dadi and she immediately know that dadi knew everything.

Arnav was bowled away with dadi's words.

"dadi, you know?"

"I have crossed your age arnav!" was her straight reply.

"now don't waste your time I am sure both want to spend some time alone".

Arnav scooped khushi in his arms and headed towards arnav's room.

Khushi protectively held his neck and hid her face on his chest.

Placing her on bed, the first thing he did was to kiss her on her forehead.

"thanks princess. For everything"

Khushi immediately placed her finger on his lips and nodded a no making a puppy face.

Arnav kissed her lips and hugged him tightly.

After changing khushi smuggled up with arnav and rested her head on his chest.

"are you sore?" she asked.

"hmm!" khushi nodded in approval shyly.

Arnav kissed in between her hair and said "khushi you love me na?"

"I love you a lot arnav. You know"…she faced him resting her cheek on his chest and said, "I have never refused to do anthing that you said. Be it going away from you, be it agring to marry someone else. But I couldnot hold back when I came to sharing myself with someone that to when I know that I am already been touched by the person I love the most. How could I give myself to someone else".

"thank god you did not listen to me this time khushi, otherwise I would have never stopped you from getting married to samrat, even after knowing my feelings for you. Because I always felt that I would never keep you happy and all our ugly moment will haunt you if I make you mine".

"you were so wrong arnu! You are so wrong", khushi embraced in a comforting hug and kissed kissed his cheeks before resting her head on his shoulder.

"I am the most flawed person".

"and I love this flawed person the most".

Khushi dismissed him kissing him madly.


This is the beginning of their journey of togetherness…


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